1. Show up with the chief of department with provisional transcripts

  2. Bring original transcript from the university in which you coursed abroad.

  3. Bring original transcript to the Lic. Emma Melchor for stamp and signature.

  4. Take the transcripts for translation (has to be signed by a judge or proficient)

  5. Take transcript to the department of Movilidad Academica at FIME

    1. Turn in translations and original transcript
    2. The receipt of Rectoria of the current course

  6. The dictum is initiated for revalidation.

  7. The revalidation dictum is taken to the academic commission for a signature.

  8. The revalidation dictum is taken to the dean for a signature.

  9. Take the dictum to (escolar de archivo) with the following:

    1. Translations
    2. Original paperwork
    3. Receipt of Rectoria