The “U.A.N.L.” university offers to its students the opportunity to make an academic exchange, during a semester, & 1 year in national universities, and foreing univiersities, as well as students from universities from the Mexican Republic and from another countries, from which it has agreements the possibility to be part of the institution during a semester.

Aware of the importance that its professors and students have contact with institutions, professors researchers and students from another universities recognized in mexico and abroad, the university mantains an intense program of academic movability and academic exchange. Here is a brief description of the process.

FIME Contact:
Ing. Lizbeth Habib
83294020 ext:1651
U.A.N.L. Contact:
Academic Exchange department
Centro de Internacionalizacion 1° piso
Av. ManuelL. BarraganNo. 4904, Monterrey,N.L. C.P. 64260
Tels(0181) 8329-4000